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Refresh your mind and body at the Pozar Thermal Baths. Hot springs and natural waterfalls with crystal clear waters surrounded by the wild, or an option of indoor pools with a capacity of up to 6 people at the hydrotherapy center. Healing waters at 37°C make Pozar Baths a year-round destination, ideal for daytrips even during the cooler months. A perfect way to enjoy unspoiled, pristine nature, to rest and eat well!

The Edessa waterfalls are probably the best known waterfalls in Greece. The first waterfall was created around 14th century when river Edesseos changed its course, but later on several other small waterfalls were created. Nowadays you still can see several of the waterfalls from a higher viewpoint. The total height of the main waterfall, Kararos, is approximately 70 meters and it’s actually possible to walk behind its water curtain.

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